GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions! App Reviews

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My RX plan I pay for is seldom used.

Can not beat what Good RX has to offer for price.

Great RX price checker

Great app for spot checking drug prices, as a nurse I frequently use the app to help patient plan where to get their meds.


Great way to save money on prescription drugs.

It Does What It Says!!

In one month, Good Rx has saved me almost $1,000.00 on my prescription costs! No kidding!! I take six expensive medications, one of which costs me $499.00/month. Just now, I checked the price on Good Rx and Walgreens had it listed at $214.87. I was really skeptical (like everyone else) that this app would work, so I called each pharmacy to make sure they accepted the Good Rx plan, and every pharmacy said they did. This included CVS, Frys (Kroger), Albertsons, Walmart and even Walgreens. Being in a position where I pay out-of-pocket for my prescriptions has been a big financial burden for several years, but with Good Rx, I estimate my costs will be at least half of what they have been. Without a doubt, this is the BEST app I have on my phone.

Never lets me down!

Saved me well over a grand! Thank you folks!!! ❤

Oh so useful

We have a really high deductible on our insurance policy and this app is amazing. We do have to get our meds from a few different pharmacies but its worth it! I never knew there was such a price difference if I just drove 2 blocks further! I recommend this app to everyone in real life as well.

Best prices!

I thought I was getting the best the deals on my prescriptions, but I was wrong! I love that this app makes it easy to see where I should be getting each one to save the most money.

Great prices

These coupons really work. Thanks.

Saved $ fast

Downloaded this app while in line @ the pharmacy. Saved $55 one minute later. This is legit- no gimmicks, no bs-awesome.


This app saves money for sure

Saved me money

Saved me money

One great APP !!!

Save money on almost all prescriptions, even if you have insurance. If you dont have insurance, this app is God sent . You will save a fortune !!!

Life saver

This is a life saver if you dont have insurance.


Great savings. A very good app to have

Life Changer

Peace of mind knowing I am saving money on every prescription. I love this fantastic App

Love this app

Love this app.

Very helpful

Good RX is very helpful in getting the best price for prescription drugs. With the high price of drugs, I need all the assistance I can get in finding the best price.

Great App!!

I recommend this for all who have to get a prescription filled!!!

Good RX $aves you $

Love this app. It has saved me money so many times at my pharmacy of choice!!!There have been several times when had I not have had the app I wouldnt know someone else had it cheaper and my pharmacy matches the price!!

Great app

This is a fantastic tool. I never walk into the pharmacy without looking here first. I have caught the pharmacy on more than one occasion raising the price.

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