GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions App Reviews

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Only good in the usa

Useless if you live in Canada

Boo no Canada

I cant really be upset that theres no support for Canada, but that would be good because this looks like an amazing app but is utterly useless, and it doesnt say in the description that its US only. So 1 star because I cant use it.

Doesnt work in Canada. :(

Saw your commercial. Got excited the app was available on the Canadian App Store. But the. Saw it only works in the U.S. awesome idea for the app, but please expand functionality to cover Canada.

Great service

This is a super app. I have saved lots of money. Pharmacists are always amazed at how much I save. Used it on vacation when a med prescribed for my husband wasnt covered. Saved $50. The customer service is excellent. The rep stayed on the phone with me for an hour while I fought with a pharmacy that contracts with GoodRx. I love this app and service.

Amazing tool!

Saved me money instantly!

Love this app

I always use this app before purchasing any drug. It always provide me comparative price list.

Wow Great Prices

I have health insurance with prescription coverage. But I compare the cost of the medication under my health insurance and look up the price for the same medication on GoodRx and some of my prescriptions are cheaper through Good Rx. I highly recommend this app. Ive been saving literally $100s each year. Definitely worth downloading this app and it doesnt cost anything to download it or use the discounts.

Greatest - Saved my life.

I was taking Cymbalta (generic version) for 6 years and my insurance company cut me off. This isnt the kind of medicine you can just stop using without major withdrawal symptoms. My regular pharmacy told it would cost me $640.00 a month now. Somehow searching for online pricing I found your site. And with your coupon option I can get it at another Pharmacy for only $28.00 a month. Thanks a lot.

I Love This App

Has saved me tons of money on medications in my neighborhood with fast and easy searches and coupons.


Great app!

Absolutely wonderful

Updated update: Feeling $5000 richer since I started using GoodRx. Update: This is my go to app when visiting the doctors. If my doctor mentions a medicine, I type in the drug with the dosage to determine if the medicine is budget friendly or if we should look at other options. Out of all of my apps, this has to be the most valuable. GoodRX saves me over $1000 a year in medications. All I do is type in my medicine and it shows me local prices. I call my doctor and tell her where to send my medicine for the best price and show the pharmacy my coupon. Its truly a life saver.

Very Good App

I have really enjoyed using this app for myself and my family. Really helps you save a lot of money on medications needed. Thank You Good Rx


This is a very good app and I recommend it to all my customers that dont have insurance !

Totally Awesome

Using this app has saved lots of money. I have insurance and using this app I found some prescriptions are lower than using my insurance. Always check the copay price and compare it with the app.

Saves lots of $$$

My son, a doctor, recommended Good Rx to me. Even though Im insured by Medicare Part D, I always check the Rx price on Good Rx before going to the drugstore. If the store gives me a price above Good Rx, I show them the app price and have never failed to get the lower price. Im on 7 prescription medications and have saved more than $2500 each of the last two years! This app is great!!


Great app that saves is a lot of money! Insurance wont cover for my sons medication and this covers over half of it!

Brilliant App

I was turned onto the GoodRX site quite a few years ago and I havent stopped using it since. There isnt any other card or app that Ive found that can match this one. Im able to use it at almost any pharmacy. Even, the pharmacies that are local, not chain stores. I would recommend everyone try this app if you dont have prescription ins. or your ins. doesnt cover the medicine. Keep up the good work.


Its just simple and awesome

Saved me lots of money

I dont have insurance and one of my medicines was $116 and using this I only paid $27.14 for it 10 out of 10.

All Big Box Storesr

Checking prices and everything that comes back is for large chain pharmacies. Why arent locally owned pharmacies on here? Several Drugs price checks and the price on here was significantly higher than what was quoted at the locally owned pharmacy. $4 list at locals completely disregarded.

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